Make A Good First Impression

I think there’s some good crossovers here for the dating world.

My Tips

Here’s one of my tips and it falls under the category of confidence: Make the first thing your date sees be your smile. I’ve started dates with and without a smile and the one’s that begin with a big grin go down better without a doubt.

Here’s the kicker though; the secret of a good smile isn’t in your mouth or teeth. It’s in your eyes. I know because I had a date compliment me on my smile. I thanked her and told her that I had been self-conscious about my teeth until recently. She said, “It’s not your teeth it’s your eyes.” Of course! Think about when you smile in the mirror. Yes you see your mouth and teeth, but most of your gaze goes to your eyes. It made so much sense to me that I felt silly for not having realized it earlier. She was a fucking genius!

The good news is that you can stop worrying about that imperfect smile you think you have because it doesn’t matter near as much as the story your eyes tell. The bad news is a forced smile looks fake because your eyes aren’t on board so the only way to get this right is to practice.

You have to really feel your smile radiating from your inner self through every part of your expression. I always imagine myself responding to something funny my date says and then laughing. I usually do this in the shower. Don’t ask me why it’s just where I do a lot of my thinking (not that kind of thinking, get your head out of the gutter). After you do this for awhile you can move on to using a mirror. Just make sure to pick out something positive about what you see and keep building on that as you go along.

The more you do it the easier it becomes and trust me when I say that the first time someone tells you that you have a beautiful smile that it will make you want to smile even more. It’s a viscous circle and it’s pretty fucking awesome.