Jeremy (posting as Sex, Love & Ire)

I currently define myself as a cis-gender, allosexual, non-monogamous, foul-mouthed, white-privileged male. I’m pansexual and in love with the word queer to describe me. I’m also a crossdresser, feminist, sympathetic anarchist, loving radical, and former beekeeper. Umm . . . okay, it seems I may have went one definition too many. Nonetheless, even though I embody those traits and ideas I love critical theory so expect to find me defending a concept one day and then picking it apart the next. I’m learning as I go and don’t feel a need to pretend that the person you see here today will be the same one you find tomorrow. In fact, I very much hope I’m not.

I’m trained in Sociology and Philosophy. I started researching counter cultures and ethics 20 years ago but my passion lies in issues surrounding identity. Which quite simply is why this blog exists.

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Sex, Love, & Ire is looking for people who want to help contribute to this site. I want volunteers who want to help further acceptance and openness around the issues of sex, gender, relationships, etc. Trust me when I say that you can pretty much put as much or as little time into this as you want. Just give me a shout out for the specifics here:

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