A Different Take on Sexless Marriage

I always tend to first imagine that a sexless marriage is a dysfunctional marriage. This is mainly because at the end of my first marriage we were both phoning it in and so a lack of sex was just the natural outcome.

However, this woman casts the scenario in a different light. It does seem like there’s some hurt behind her story though  which I think is need enough for her to address the situation with her partner.

What do you think?


4 thoughts on “A Different Take on Sexless Marriage

    1. That would generally be my opinion, but if they both agree that this works (debatable given some of her comments) or is how it has to be then maybe that is the right way for them.

      Also, I wouldn’t rule out the possibility that he could be some variation of graysexual and so his sexual desire may be low. His current level of sexual activity may even be more than he wants because he’s trying to please his partner. Without his side of the story we really have no way of knowing.

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      1. You’re right…there certainly can be specific and individual situations in which this type of marital agreement could work for two people. But generally speaking (and as indicated by the comments made by the author attempting to tell us that this situation is okay for her…seriously? But you think he may be cheating? And/or you don’t feel desirable…loved?) it seems less than optimum.

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